6 Rules For Perfect ‘Accras de Morue’

Over time, ‘accras de morue’ (salt-cod fritters) have become emblematic of Caribbean cuisine and can be found on many islands. But of course, we think Martinique makes the best ones! Accras (also called “marinades” or “beignets”) are generally served as an aperitif, on sandwiches or as an accompaniment to a salad. Okay, but how do you identify quality salt-code fritters? How do you separate the wheat from the chaff? What are the characteristics of the perfect salt-cod fritters? Which ones are ‘Tété Dwèt’ (delicious)? Follow your guide!

Criterion 1: the ratio of meat to flour

Quality accras are well balanced: the amount of salt-cod must be sufficient for the taste to come through. They are not excessively salty because the salt-cod has been desalinated by soaking in water in advance. In addition to the taste, you should see the crumbled cod meat when you bite into it. If not, it’s just disappointing!

Criterion 2: fat

The accras are cooked for a few seconds in boiling oil. Once they have puffed up, they are placed in a container lined with paper towels. So far, nothing surprising. But what if, when you eat them, you feel greasy on your fingers, as if the oil is still dripping? Then stop! Good accras never feel greasy between your fingers.


Criterion 3: appearance

Not overcooked – let’s say golden brown – and plumb. These are the two visual characteristics of good accras. The perfect size is a perfect mouthful. And they must always be served hot!

Criterion 4: texture

Under the fingers or teeth, the accra should be soft and crispy at the same time. Or at least that’s how the Tété Dwèt team prefers them!

Criterion 5: the smell

That good smell of food frying in fresh oil. Good accras will make you say “manman, that smells good!” 

Criterion 6: the taste

The best for last of course! Your perfect accras are tasty because there is enough meat (see criterion n°1) but also because the batter is spicy. Be careful, spicy here does not mean “burning the palate”. We are talking about the combination of condiments that give taste to these little savory bites: garlic, parsley, spring onion and mild chillies.

These are the criteria our team prefers. 😉 They are also valid for shrimp, ‘titiris’ (tiny fish) or vegetable accras.

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